The Importance of Color in Branding

by Syrup | Jul 24, 2018

Color is important. Color is crucial. Without color, the world we live in would be a boring place. The same can be said about your brand. Without carefully choosing colors that complement the values, ideas, vibes, and flavors of your company, you’re missing out on a lot of the benefits that great branding brings to the table.

So often, companies put so much thought, time, and effort into crafting and executing the “perfect” logo, but fall short in their color selection. Color gives life to a brand. Granted, there are a lot of really well-executed white or black logos out there, but they’re usually surrounded by a system of colors that sparks life, movement, and energy.

Color gives life to a brand.

Different colors create different human reactions. In other words, Color makes us feel a certain way. Yellow makes us happy. Red creates a sense of urgency. Blue is calming. Our Emotions drive our decision making, so when choosing the right color for your brand, there are certain questions to ask yourself:

“How do I want my customers and potential customers to feel when they see or think about my brand?”

“What is my message?”

“What are my values?”

Your reasons for choosing specific colors should go beyond “because I think it’s pretty.” Your brand’s colors have a direct influence on your identity. For example, if your company sells hunting gear targeting 25-35-year-old males, you wouldn’t want your brand colors to be aqua and light pink.

The Emotion of Color

Red: passion, importance, attention
Orange: playfulness, friendliness, vitality
Yellow: happiness, optimism, warning
Green: nature, stability, prosperity (growth)
Light Blue: tranquility, trust, openness
Dark Blue: professionalism, security, formality
Purple: royalty, creativity, luxury
Pink: femininity, youth, innocence
Brown: rugged, earthy, old-fashioned
White: clean, virtuous, healthy
Gray: neutrality, gloom, subdued
Black: powerful, sophisticated, edgy

What colors best fit your brand? Check out some of our recent branding work and reach out to our team if your brand could use some updates.

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