Creativity in Ads in the B2B Space

by Syrup | Dec 7, 2021

As much as we wish there were a specific formula for creating the perfect ad to attract your ideal audience, there isn’t. The beauty of marketing in the B2B space is the vast opportunity for creativity while creating meaningful relationships with your potential customers.

When it comes to paid advertising in general, there are many factors that play into conversions. 

With 2022 coming just around the corner, it’s time we take a deeper look at the creativity of our ads. Take a look at your content. Have you been using the same graphics, videos, carousels, etc. for months without seeing any clicks, conversions, or interest overall? If so, it’s time to shake things up.

The average attention span for ads is less than 3 seconds. Are the first 3 seconds of your ads the most engaging?

Here are a few things to look at when you need to shake things up with your ads in the B2B space:

Tone/voice of your messaging

Is it attracting the right audience? Is it speaking to the audience in a way that will quickly uncover your company’s unique value? Is it painting a future picture for your audience?

Content and design

Have you been using the same words, images, videos, etc. for over 6 months? Try switching it up (but remember to stay within your brand guidelines). Try less text on your image/video or even make the headlines larger and more eye-catching. Are you using graphics or images of people?


Do the keywords on the landing page you’re linking to match the keywords used in your ads? Do the colors and messaging of the landing page match those of your ads? Do the CTAs match those of your ads? Is the target audience of the landing page the same as your ad’s target audience? 


Have you been targeting the same list or detailed audience without luck? Have you updated your audience in the last 60 days? Have you tried creating a lookalike audience to expand the reach of your ads? Is your messaging appropriate for your audience? Are your ads being placed on the right platforms and networks that your audience utilizes?

These are all questions that we should be asking ourselves on a quarterly basis to ensure our ads are performing the best they can. 

If a lack of interest isn’t your problem, there are still other ways to boost creativity to hone your target audience’s interests. Try a/b testing your CTAs to see which ads are more likely to convert. Try utilizing raw content, less graphic design, and more company images of staff, real in-office work, etc. to let other companies get to know you better. All these factors play into the effectiveness of your ads.

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