Getting the Right People on the Bus

by Kate Neri | Nov 30, 2021

As business owners, I am sure you’ve heard about or been directly impacted by the shifts in the labor market. It seems every business article that rolls across our LinkedIn feed is talking about the “Great Resignation,” or the “labor crisis gripping the US,” and all the lists, tips, and tricks for how you as a business can be competitive in such a tight market.

“Change or adapt your culture.”

“Allow employees to work remotely.”

“Increase compensation.”

“Shorten your hiring process.”

Move fast, spend more, and hire ASAP.

Now I am not saying some of the above isn’t relevant or helpful but this overwhelming sense of urgency (and possibly even panic) made me think of a concept that Jim Collins breaks down in his book Good to Great. The idea is that good-to-great leaders focus on getting the right people on the bus.

“Those who build great organizations make sure they have the right people on the bus and the right people in the key seats before they figure out where to drive the bus. They always think first about who and then about what. When facing chaos and uncertainty, and you cannot possibly predict what’s coming around the corner, your best “strategy” is to have a busload of people who can adapt to and perform brilliantly no matter what comes next.

So as we head into 2022, with the high likelihood that as business leaders, this is our new reality when it comes to hiring, I want to remind us all (even myself) to not get so caught up in the challenges you may be facing and lose sight of what is most important – getting the right people on the bus. 

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