Resilient Systems

by Kate Neri | Mar 2, 2021

“Resilient systems build in fail-safes so that when something breaks down, the next step to recover is obvious.”

In his book, The Coaching Habit, Michael Bungay Stanier unpacks the keys to creating habits and then leveraging the power of those habits to create an impactful coaching environment for your team. This particular quote refers to how we all stumble or fail at times, and the importance of knowing what to do when that inevitably happens. To create lasting habits, you must have a backup plan; you must make your habit a resilient system.

As I read this line, I couldn’t help but think of all the other systems that surround us. Our businesses, our homes… all made of systems. Systems that break, systems that evolve, systems that stand the test of time, and systems that become antiquated or obsolete. Heck, 2020 highlighted this in its truest form – that even the simplest or most logical system can fail in a single moment. From working 9:00-5:00 in an office and networking at events, to how our children learn and how our meetings are held, all these systems changed. 

As business owners and leaders, we have an obligation to create, maintain, and improve systems to keep our businesses running and growing while creating an environment worth working in.

So, let me ask, are your systems resilient? 

What happens when the inevitable breakdown occurs? Will you know how to recover? Will your team?

Perhaps now is a good time to pause and consider building resiliency into your systems.

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