The Challenge

KEPR is a software product developed internally by HCA Capital Management, which is primarily a services company. They’d developed the tool for internal purposes but quickly understood there was a market for the software. The market was in the same core verticals as parent company HCA, but in lower market segments. Thus, they knew taking the HCA name to these markets would be a strategic mistake as they were known to serve larger institutions.


the solution

The solution was to create a new brand around which the internally developed product could be marketed independently from HCA. We started with the strategy, including a new, thought-provoking name. We were then able to build the brand a visual identity and core assets that reflected the strategy and tone, followed by a new WordPress site for marketing and the translation of the brand to the UX/UI of the application itself.

KEPR can now introduce itself with a clear uniqueness and a strong value proposition, establishing immediate credibility and professionalism. Since launching, the brand and application have been described in market as “sleek”, “high-class” and “professional.” It’s now a brand that stands out in the market.

Let’s see how we can serve your company.