Leadership Strategies

The Challenge

Over the past 27+ years, the training and facilitation space has gotten more and more crowded. Leadership Strategies had long stood as a leader in the space, but as years at top went by, growth became harder and harder to achieve.

Leadership Strategies needed a way to separate themselves. To convey to the market their position of authority, expertise, and value.


In order to create a message that will separate from the crowd, it must be authentically yours.
That is what led us to start at the foundation. Defining a Brand Strategy that came from inside the hearts of the leadership team. The output of that exercise created a story that the entire team could stand behind.

Once established, it was time to see if the existing visual representation of Leadership Strategies matched the strategic message. It was clear that the existing system did not evoke the energy and drive of “Level up”. From that point the team set off to create a visual system that would bring to life the feelings of authority, leadership, and excellence.

To cap off the solution came the Website – which we knew needed to be upgraded in functionality and feel. With the new message and new visual system in tow, the website was crafted with the end user in mind. The team was solely focused on making it simple to consume content, request help, book facilitators and training – all while making the backend easy for the team to use and maintain as they grow.

Let’s see how we can serve your B2B company.