The Challenge

How do you introduce a complex new product and new verticals to a market that doesn’t yet know that they need you?

In a market where trust is vital, how do you use your customers to validate your product while maintaining client privacy?

When you roll out a new brand and website, how do you ensure your existing customers still feel like they know you?



We know that trust is an important factor for VoApps, so the noticeable, clean, bold brand and website now emphasize validity throughout.
The new site now uses customer stories without using specific names in order to help build this trust, and it was built to give their team a simple way to update, create more pages, and add in more stories as needed.

But it didn’t stop with a new look and website. We announced the launch to the new market as well as existing customers in order to increase brand recognition for both audiences without sacrificing either one.

Since launching, VoApps has seen a 9.30% increase in conversion rate and a 19.38% increase in time on site.

Having a framework like this gives us confidence that we’re doing the right things at the right time in order to grow our business. We’ve already seen tremendous growth and are able to focus more on what really matters for our business.”

VP Marketing, VoApps

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