Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: Actionable Things to do in Q4

by Jordan-Ann Powell | Oct 19, 2021

Q4 is characterized by both uncertainty and hustle. Add in a pandemic that’s still lingering, and there’s even more uncertainty. This time of year is about wrapping up goals, giving that final push to the finish line — as well as looking ahead. It can often feel like being lost amongst the trees in a vast wilderness. What’s outside the trees? What’s to come for 2022? And how do I get there?

With all the ideas, dreams, and vision that come with planning and looking ahead, also comes the risk of getting off track and not finishing your current race. How do you stay focused, and not let those beautiful ideas that surface get lost along the way? 

The ultimate solution is not a quick fix. The path is long. But you can do something today that helps you stay on the path and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

For today:

Grab a sticky note and start parking those great ideas. Don’t lose them – you can address these things next quarter in the new year. When a new idea comes to mind, add it to your note.

For 2022:

Create a consistent routine to address issues and raise opportunities.

For Syrup (and other EOS companies), we leverage weekly meetings to address short-term issues and meetings every 90 days to address the long-term issues. What we find for our team and with our clients is that this consistency provides expectancy which in turn lifts stress and gives the freedom to think creatively. 

When it comes to marketing, there’s always going to be the next new shiny thing – that tactic that is sure to bring more leads and convert more customers. It takes time to establish the consistent routine and cadence that’s needed to establish meaningful objectives and stay focused on your goals. But with these boundaries in place, you can have confidence in your team and partners and ultimately, (wait for it), see the forest through the trees.

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