The Making of a Champion Story

by Jordan-Ann Powell | Aug 16, 2022

You are in the unique position to speak to prospects in a way that only you can. In your target list of prospects, people are likely dealing with the same issues your current clients have faced – and that you have already helped them overcome. Imagine having a bank of client success stories to pull from when a prospect raises a specific issue during your initial conversations. Your prospects need to hear and see these examples so they can clearly see themselves using your product/service through the stories.

Whatever that challenge or “pain point” is – an upcoming audit, assurance that their business is protected through market shifts, onboarding new team members smoothly with limited resources – you’ve helped clients just like your prospects get through the challenge. You’ve helped them gain clarity, solve problems, and improve their business. By collecting and sharing these stories, you can give your prospects/audience a clear example of change and validation they can relate to.

How do you find, capture and share these stories of client success? 

  1. Identify your “champion” clients. You may be among the lucky ones with clients singing your praises without being prompted. If that’s you, it’s a great place to start! If not, we have to find them. You can start by surveying your clients to understand their satisfaction levels. Build a list of clients who respond to your survey with high satisfaction. 
  2. Interview your champions. Make it a conversation. Interviews are best done when both parties feel natural and have an opportunity to speak freely. This can be a quick Zoom meeting, an in-person lunch, etc. (Incentives always help, too!) Just remember to record the meeting so you have audio and/or video as a resource. If you need help finding questions to get the conversation started, here are a few suggestions:
    • What challenge(s) led you to reach out to us? (You likely know this and can speak specifically.)
    • How did your business adapt during the pandemic? 
    • How are you adjusting now in the recession?
    • How has working with us changed the way you do business? 
  3. Share their stories. it doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be boring. (If you’re working with us, this is the easy part! Just share the result of the interviews you’ve collected and we’ll find ways to share them with your audience.) Don’t be afraid to show your personality and your client’s personality— seeing your face, hearing your voice— builds only more trust and authority in what you do. You can pull quotes, share video clips across social media, or even use the responses to build full-blown case studies. 

Once you have these stories, you have examples to share with prospects dealing with similar challenges. You can empower your sales team. You can have relevant, valuable content shared on social media and your website so that when your prospects meet a new challenge, they see how you have helped clients just like them overcome and grow their own business with your help.

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