3 Things Tim Tebow has taught us about Building a Brand

by Kate Neri | Nov 2, 2016

If any of you know me, you know I have a mild obsession with Tim Tebow. I know, I know… “Kate, you went to the University of Georgia — How you could ever be a fan of a GATOR?!” Well, I will never forget the moment he won me over and what he did for my Broncos (Let’s relive this together,why don’t we?).

Tim Tebow is a brand that we can all learn from. He is focused, clear, consistent, and ready for the changes and challenges ahead.

Since he’s in the headlines (again), I thought it would be the perfect time to get some branding tips from the NFL quarterback turned outfielder.

1. Know who you are and embrace it. From day one in the spotlight, Tim knew who he was, what he believed in, and what he wanted to accomplish. He didn’t let criticism, fans, or the media interfere or change that, and he has represented himself consistently ever since. This powerful, foundational idea can transform your brand. At Syrup, when building a brand strategy, we always start from the inside out. Who are you as a company? Why do you matter? Focusing not on who the market wants you to be, but rather who you are as an organization will help you bring a strong, authentic brand to the market.

2. Take some risk. A Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback turned NFL player is now a professional baseball player? Talk about taking risks! Every great brand positioning has some sort of risk attached to it. We always push our clients to make sure there is a little bit of tension, a little bit of uncertainty, as they build their brand. In a dynamic world full of new brands popping up every day, taking some risks can help you differentiate yourself.

3. Be resilient. Dropped from the NFL? No biggie; try again. Still doesn’t work out? Try something new. You will face adversity, but get back up and fight the good fight. The market constantly changes. The economy is unpredictable. Your customers can be unreliable… But don’t stop! Roll with the punches, stay agile, and learn to grow from each challenge you face.

So maybe Tim’s quarterbacking skills weren’t made for the NFL, and who knows if he will land a spot in the MLB, but one thing is for certain: Tim Tebow is a brand that we can all learn from. He is focused, clear, consistent, and ready for the changes and challenges ahead. And at Syrup, we build brands that do just that.

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