90 March With 2020 Vision

by Jordan-Ann Powell | Jan 14, 2020

The start of a new year (and a new decade at that!) is a time full of vision and motivation for the opportunities ahead. It’s likely that you’ve finalized your plan for the year based on your business goals and your team has their objectives set. The excitement at the beginning of the year can also create a tendency to scatter priorities, especially if you try to accomplish all of your goals at the beginning of the year.

This is where having an outline for the year comes in handy. If you missed my full post on getting started with a marketing calendar, you can read it here. This time of year, the most important thing is to remember to work in increments. You have your year established, now focus on the next 90 days and what you can accomplish within this time. 

The best thing to help you work in increments? Prioritize your list. Order based on the impact of tasks to others. Do some tasks need to be completed before others can begin? You can also use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to order the list based on urgency and importance. When using this matrix, it’s best to consider importance as the overall impact on the business. Which of the tasks done now will have the biggest impact on the rest of the year? Once your list is prioritized, you can select the top few to tackle in the next 90 days.

Now, go get ‘em. 

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