Advertise Where Your Audience is

by Lars Miller | Apr 16, 2019

A couple of days ago I had the Chrome Javascript Console open, as is often the case, when I opened Gmail. A plugin that I had tried a while back called Streak was still being loaded when I opened Gmail. I was surprised, however, when I found a job description for a developer in the console from Streak.

OF COURSE! Why wouldn’t you advertise for a developer where developers are? If they’re curious how your tool works, maybe they’re curious enough to apply for a position to work on it.

Find the obscure places for niches

Seeing this got me thinking that there are all sorts of media and avenues to use to reach an audience. Paid ads, billboards, and TV spots are great, but if you’re trying to hire or sell a niche position, service or item, you might find the BEST candidates or clients in some obscure places.

Hidden messages in code

The above screenshot is a javascript console message, but there’s also a plain-old HTML message as well. Anyone can see this by viewing the source (command+option+u) of the page OR in the element inspector (command+option+i) in Chrome. Here’s an example of an HTML message that Bonnie found on a Canadian Agency’s site.

Find our message

I’ve left a javascript message on every page of The first person to hit us back on social media with a screenshot gets a swag box. For real.

Good luck!

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