Are you using your CRM to its full potential?

by Syrup | May 4, 2021

Jordan-Ann recently explained the power of a clear objective when it comes to your business and the importance of ensuring your sales and marketing teams are working together towards that shared goal. 

One way to make that happen in the day-to-day of your business is by utilizing your CRM to its full potential.

At the intersection of your sales and marketing is your CRM, as both teams need it to do their jobs.

Marketing does their thing bringing in leads and sales does their thing turning leads into customers – and in many cases, that’s the end of their interaction. While each team may be working to cultivate the same leads, they may not be working together to cultivate those leads.

There is power in the information sharing that can happen between sales and marketing and your CRM can provide that. 2 things you can set up in your CRM to take advantage of the information it holds:

1. Set up notifications for high-value engagements

Your sales team can get notifications for all kinds of engagements your contacts make – clicked a link in an email, opened more than 5 emails, visited a high-value page on your website (like a white paper), or even engaged with a paid ad.

Imagine if your team was getting notified in real-time as a prospect was engaging with your content, so a sales member can reach out when your business is top of mind.

2. Set up lead scoring

Those one-off high-value engagements are important for communicating real-time information, but tracking those engagements in aggregate allows you to identify trends. Lead scoring is an easy way to do this – you identify what you consider “positive attributes” (clicking an email or booking a meeting) and “negative attributes” (not opening an email in 90 days or an email bouncing) and then assign a point value with each of these behaviors. 

As a prospect continues to engage over time, their lead score increases and your sales team knows who to prioritize their time and effort with.

Your ability to do these 2 does depend on the CRM you’re using (some are simply more powerful than others), but I encourage you to look into yours and see what’s available.

Your CRM is the heart of your business and there’s a world of data in there –  are you using it?

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