Brand Strategy

Can you communicate why you are unique?

Potential customers see through the “salesy” noise more so now than ever before. The way you position your company, the messages you take to market, and the way you present your uniqueness must come from within.

Our process uses a proprietary inside-out approach to discover the unique identity of your brand and deliver a strategy to powerfully communicate that to the world.

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"We attribute a lot of our ability to simply communicate a powerful message to those early workshops with the extremely talented and patient Syrup team of leaders.

As a relatively new and aspiring tech entrepreneurs, we have engaged with only a handful of firms that say they offer services similar to Syrup. And unlike the other firms, the team of leaders at Syrup do not have a culture of hypocrisy that negatively impacts the client, regardless of their dollar value to the firm. Everyone at Syrup consistently goes out of their way to make us feel like a key account!"

Nate Hasley

Nate Hasley

Chief Revenue Officer & Co-founder, Mogean

"The best part of working with Syrup is that they treat you like family.

I always felt that they treated our project as if it were their most important project on their plate. The collective team always made availability to meet, discuss and brainstorm along the way. Their passion and dedication show from the initial prospecting to well beyond the main deliverable."

Bob Wethington

Bob Wethington

Marketing Manager

"Their quality of work is the reason why we began our relationship with Syrup and over time, we have developed an appreciation not only for their end product, but also for their values.

With Syrup, we know they view themselves as stewards of our fees and will always strive to provide the greatest results possible. The most beneficial part of working with Syrup is the high touch, white glove treatment."

Hamilton Powell

Hamilton Powell

CEO, Crown and Caliber

The Process:


Purpose & Power starts with a half-day exercise, in which we extract the information needed to develop a strategic brand map. In-depth questioning, creative thinking, and brand analysis give our team the information needed to extract the DNA of your company.


Using the information extracted from the Purpose & Power exercise as the foundation, our team researches current industry trends, brand perceptions, and competition.


Our brand team compiles all data points to form a report of findings and a strategy for how to build the brand to most effectively align who you are with your unique market.


The report and strategy are then presented in a collaborative conversation to make sure everything was interpreted correctly and the strategy meets all of the criteria. The report undergoes one round of revisions following the conversation before stamped as the official road map.