Building A Website Is Like Building A House

by Lars Miller | Jun 2, 2020

Well… there are similarities I suppose. Here are a few ways building a website is like building a house.


Every house needs a good foundation. We choose WordPress as our platform of choice and WP Engine as our hosting provider of choice. You can read more about why here. It’s a winning combination to give your site the editing capabilities you need while providing excellent SEO, speed, 3rd-party integrations and maximum server uptime.


That house needs to represent the homeowners well. So do websites. Our website design/build process is extraordinary at honing the perfect UX/UI for conveying what your business does and getting people to do whatever it is you need them to do once they get there. “Cookie cutter” neighborhoods and websites both have their disadvantages.

Common Metrics

In a house, studs are 16in on center. It’s been an industry-standard in the U.S. for quite some time. Sixteen inches gives a wall the structural integrity it needs, while not wasting materials. Common metrics make it easy for the next vendor to come along to work on the house. Say a plumber comes to mount a sink to the wall. Once he finds one stud, he knows that the next one is exactly 16in away. Similarly, you want some ‘best practices’ when someone works on your website. Since we typically build WordPress sites here at Syrup, we have deemed it necessary to adhere to WordPress’ Best Practices. That way, when another developer comes in to make an edit, it’s a familiar world for them to work in. No surprise 14in studs.

If you need any help building your website, your marketing home, let us know.

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