Community Engagement 101: What all Brands Can Learn from Wendy’s Social Media Roast

by Syrup | Jan 10, 2017

Every so often, we’re graced with a brand’s unique response to negativity on social media, like Wendy’s recent roast of harsh followers. These instances make headlines because we find it unusual (and hilarious) that a brand would be so human.

While this specific type of response doesn’t work for every brand, there are definitely some lessons we can learn from these situations. For the first time, these brands seem more like humans than just companies — Wendy’s was even asked if their account had been hacked (to which a representative proudly confirmed they were not).

Every brand’s approach to social media should be unique, but one thing that every brand needs to prioritize is community management.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to community management:

1. Respond to questions and concerns. Because of its popularity and accessibility, many customers will now turn to Facebook or Twitter if they come across an issue. Why? Because they expect a quick, human response on social media. Engaging with your customers can help show that you’re not just a brand; you’re a team of humans. Be positive and quick to help, and your customers will see that you care.

2. Encourage loyalty. Community management also means interacting with loyal customers, welcoming new followers, and showing that you’re invested and active. Chaco (@chacousa) does a great job of doing this on Twitter by regularly welcoming new fans to the “Chaco family.” This immediately shows the customer that they’re valued, which sparks both loyalty and trust.

3. Make it personal. Each engagement should look different. Find something to make each response unique and personal. Warby Parker (@WarbyParker) will often include fans’ first names in responses, showing that they took the time to find out something about the follower. A simple “thank you for your support” Tweet doesn’t show personality, but this does.

4. Stay true to your voice. Your brand has a voice, and it’s important that your interactions with followers reflect this. If your social media content sounds one way, make sure your engagements sound the same. In other words, if your content comes off professional, maintain this professionalism throughout your engagements (yes, this can still be done while sounding human).

Don’t make a purchase a one-time thing. Create a lasting relationship by showing your followers and fans that you care, you’re active, and you’re relatable. It may take some time, but it’s worth it!

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