Connecting with your Customers during COVID Pandemic

by Jordan-Ann Powell | Apr 14, 2020

Now, more than ever, brands are taking a moment to pause and consider if their content makes sense to their audience. Brands are having to consider in a very personal way if their content that was planned or published across paid media, social media, or emails is tone-deaf or just simply not important. But wait — you’re telling me that brands aren’t always thinking about content in this way? 

That’s right. The pandemic, economic stressors, changes to business processes, hours, interactions with clients are all factors forcing companies to think more specifically about what is shared with their customers. And I’m so here for it. 

There’s no more tolerance for hiding behind the digital wall. There are no more excuses for filler content that just increases the endless scroll and neverending list of unopened emails. People don’t care about fluff and they are only going to read what matters to them. 

Here’s a look into how we’re tackling this for our clients:

  • Connection – The people you’re trying to reach as a brand are more similar to you than before because we all have something to relate to right now. What do you care about right now? What’s the most important thing to you today? Use this knowledge and create content that’s worth your audience’s time. I don’t mean just referencing COVID in every piece or jumping in the conversations meaninglessly, but use your content to reach your audience where they are. Empathize with their new daily struggles and find ways to support even if it requires you to offer something of value from your business.
  • Frequency – In some cases, this means reviewing, discussing and tweaking content that’s been scheduled on a weekly, or even daily, basis. With new updates coming every day, it’s important to stay relevant. Be on your toes. Respond, don’t react. But, be ready to make shifts as needed on a dime.
  • Investment – It may be cheaper to reach your audience right now (check out Mary’s latest post on navigating paid media during COVID), but make the most of these dollars. Are your customers in the buying mentality? How is it different from the norm? You can use your investment in paid media to connect with a wider audience and build your database. Or offer something to your existing customers to build more loyalty for the future.

Respond, don’t react.

Have questions or need support for your company? We’ve got a team of experts that take every day seriously, pandemic or not, and have the best interest of your company and your customers in focus. Let’s chat.

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