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by Audrey Clark | Jul 12, 2022

We have all heard the importance of taking the time for self-evaluation and reflection. Maybe you are doing that on an annual basis. Maybe it is only happening after big moments of success or failure. No matter how often it’s happening, the purpose is to check in – how are things going? What do I need to work on?

The same thing applies to your business – checking in is vital. 

If you have followed our blog for some time or are familiar with EOS, then you know we check in with clients on both a bi-weekly and quarterly basis. The purpose of the bi-weekly meetings differs from the purpose of quarterly meetings. Simply put, the more frequent meetings are for working IN the business while the quarterlies are for working ON the business. 

Bi-weekly meetings focus on how the business objectives are supported and the day-to-day happenings. But if you only focus on the day-to-day, you will quickly lose sight of the big picture. That’s where the quarterly meetings come into play. Every quarter, we check in on the big picture and goals.

Working ON the business quarterly looks like this for us:

  • Metrics are thoroughly reviewed internally, keeping in mind the business objectives from the past 90 days.
  • We identify what’s working and areas of improvement/opportunity.
  • Our findings are shared with clients within a week of the quarterly meeting.

This preparation allows both parties to join the meeting fully aware of the performance and prompts an open discussion. Throughout the quarterly meeting, we talk through any of the issues and opportunities. We grade ourselves on where we’re at across the funnel, and we set the tone and discuss goals for the next 90 days.

I would challenge you to take a step back and check in on your business – both bi-weekly and quarterly. I bet you will find they are helpful and will give the momentum to tackle issues head first! 

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