The Marketing Guarantee: Do You Need One?

by Morgan Alverson | Apr 2, 2019

Let’s talk marketing guarantees. Does your company have one?

A guarantee is a powerful sales and marketing tool and not enough companies use them to their advantage. The goal of a guarantee is to combat objections and make a strong statement.

Your marketing guarantee should:

  1. Overcome your #1 sales objection
  2. Be valuable to the prospect
  3. Be true of your business

The point of having a guarantee as a company is to overcome objections before you get them. But not just any objection. A guarantee should always answer your company’s number one objection you face in sales. Sure, you might face a number of different objections, but there is likely one you hear most often. By combatting that objection up front, you lower the barrier and give people a stronger reason to buy. It’s an assurance. If you don’t know what that objection is, talk to your sales team! They should be able to tell you what they hear most often in sales conversations.

A guarantee should always answer your company’s number one objection.

You’ll want to turn that objection around into something that gives value to your prospects. Say their objection is around value. What can you guarantee that has to do with the value of your product or service? Maybe their objection has to do with timing. What can you say that will make them feel better about timing?

Make sure your guarantee is something that’s actually true of your business. By that, I mean something you can actually guarantee your prospect. It’s not just something you are putting on marketing materials, but it’s something you are prepared to back up.

Once you have a solid guarantee, what do you do with it? Share it! Share it on your website, share it in your marketing materials, and, most importantly, equip your sales team with the guarantee.

Need some help thinking of a guarantee for your business? Reach out to us! We would love to help. Sometimes it is having that outsider’s perspective that really lets you see inside your business.

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