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by Lars Miller | Jun 8, 2021

Taking your unique message to your unique audience.

It’s our methodology of marketing here at Syrup. We, as an agency, are the binding glue between operations/sales and your audience. Once we identify who our audience is for a client or particular project, we make sure everything we do is speaking to THEM. This is elemental in the way we design, write, and strategize for everything we do. Organizing your website is no different.

Identifying your Data

For the sake of this quick article, the data in question is any collection of articles, blog posts, products, curriculum, spec sheets, etc. that could be displayed on your company’s website. You’ve made the decision to make this information public. It’s important at this point to:

  1. Loosely categorize or organize in some sort of hierarchy.
  2. Determine what information (if any) should not be public.

Refine Your Data

You and your colleagues are likely too close to this data. Your intimate knowledge of the pains behind the creation of the items likely weigh heavily on you whenever you think about this data. A third-party agency like Syrup pays dividends in this situation. We are the binding glue between your audience and this data but aren’t tainted by its harsh familiarity. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What does the audience need to achieve by interacting with this data?
  • Do we want the audience to spend a long time perusing the data or should it be as quick of an interaction as possible?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: What can we remove?

Displaying your data

Now the fun part. We get to design and develop the user experience around interacting with this data. Each project is unique, and so are our solutions.

If you’re having trouble organizing your website and displaying this data, reach out to us. We’d love to help you figure it out.

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