Protecting the Flock

by Benj Miller | Jan 29, 2019

As a leader, whether you’re the leader of your company, your team, or even your family, one of your primary responsibilities is to protect your flock… your tribe… your culture. You’re the shepherd, you’re the guide, but you’re also the protector.

As the protector, it is vital to realize the three most dangerous things to your flock.

The Predator.

The most obvious of threats is the bear, the lion, or the wolf. They are outsiders working their way to sneak in to kill and devour the sheep one by one. They may get in by wearing sheep’s clothing, but when you find them it is obvious that they are a predator.

The Diseased Sheep.

One of your own. You think they are one of your own, an insider, a believer, but they have a disease and because they have a disease, they are a disease. They will infect the herd unless they are removed with great swiftness and absoluteness.

A Bad Shepherd.

Once your flock gets beyond your immediate touch, you employ the use of hired hands – other shepherds to watch over parts of your flock. We tend to call these men and women managers and directors. A bad shepherd can make your flock uneasy because of their lack of confidence. They can make them hungry because they are not attentive to their needs. They can leave them exposed to a predator or a sheep. They can lead them in the wrong direction.

Now think about your business. Do you have a predator? What about a diseased sheep within your own team? Or have you put your trust in a bad shepherd? Any one of these things can hurt your business and the people who make up your business. As the leader, it’s up to you to protect your flock from all of these threats and to be aware of them at all times.

Protect your flock – it’s your job.

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