Q4 Exercise You Need to Try

by Jason Ogden | Dec 13, 2022

Welcome to Q4. Where everybody’s got one foot in 2022 and one foot in 2023. This time of the year, we find ourselves looking both backward and forward. And in a lot of cases, it’s better to look back before you look forward. That’s what I’d recommend doing today.

One of my favorite exercises to do this time of year is to build a list. I call it the “Why do customers love Syrup?” list.

Start by going around and talking to different people in different departments – sales, marketing, operations – and ask them the question, “why do customers love [insert your company name here]?” Build a list of all of their answers.

When you’re done with the list, put it on a whiteboard and break it into two separate lists:

  1. Why do clients buy from you?
  2. Why do they continue to buy from you after the initial sale?

The “why do they buy” list should be focused on the needs of your marketplace and customer problems. The “why they stay” list should be focused on how you exceeded expectations. Look at the two lists from the lens that they’re not the same. Make sure that the list of “why clients buy” is front and center in your messaging and positioning in the market as you head into Q1.

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