4 Important Reasons Your Brand Needs to be on Social Media

by Syrup | May 2, 2017

Social media is changing the way we’re reaching, connecting with, and staying in front of our audiences.

If your brand is not active on social media, you’re missing out on reaching your audience and people begin to question your validity. “Being active” simply means keeping your accounts updated and fresh, posting your own content regularly, and interacting with fans, followers, and thought leaders in your industry. It’s often overlooked and rarely prioritized, but when done well, it can change the game for your brand.

53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those specific brands.

Here are 4 important reasons your brand needs to be on social media:

  • Brand recognition. Most people go to social media now to learn about a company, and if you aren’t there, they’ll assume you aren’t open. That’s why it’s vital to produce relevant content that keeps people around. But one important thing to remember: this doesn’t just mean sharing content regularly; it means sharing meaningful content while engaging with your audience. You can be extremely active on social media but still sound like a robot or fail to give your audience what they’re looking for. Building up your brand to be a recognized thought leader in your industry will help give you the edge over your competitors.
  • Connect with your audience. At its core, social media should serve as a way for you to stay connected to your loyal and potential customers. Did you know that 53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those specific brands? (via Convince & Convert) They’ll buy from these brands, engage with them, and even trust them simply because of the connection they have. That’s because the more active and engaging your brand is on social media, the more human it becomes. And people want to do business with humans, not with companies.
  • Customer service. Every interaction you have on social media serves as an opportunity to show off your customer experience and service. This is your chance to build up a community around your brand. Strengthen those brand-customer relationships to show customers that you care. A recent study shows that more than 67% of consumers now go to social media for customer service, so don’t miss out on these opportunities.
  • Higher conversion rates. It’s simple: the more exposure you give your brand, the more opportunities you have for conversions. Give your audience easy ways to find what they’re looking for by posting relevant content and direct links to your site. The more you tap into your audience on here, the more you’ll understand their needs, and the more you’ll be able to communicate your solutions. Organic social media can be your best asset for conversions because it doesn’t require any additional spending. All you need to do is share.

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and reach your customers in a more human way, let’s talk!

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