Staying competitive in a challenging talent market

by Kate Neri | Feb 22, 2022

It’s no secret that these past few years have led to some major shifts in the labor market. From mass resignations to everything going virtual, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out and attract talent in this evolving market. Gone are the days of throwing up a boilerplate job description that leads to a flood of candidates. The market has changed, the talent has changed, and what they want and need has changed. Thus, as leaders and hiring managers we must change with it.

Kraig recently did some research with our last few new hires to see what drew them to Syrup. Ultimately, we found (and think is true beyond Syrup) that BRANDS attract talent, and if we dive even deeper, consistency and authenticity across all mediums of communication are what can really make a brand stand out in such a competitive market.

Now there is a lot to unpack when it comes to representing your brand consistently and authentically in the market, so today I want to start with the foundation – your core values. I have talked about how important core values are to your brand in the past so let’s focus on how you are bringing those values to the forefront. How are potential candidates being introduced to your values? In what ways are they exposed to them and is it consistent with what you are saying and doing in the market?

our core values are ingrained in everything we do. They are part of our DNA and thus come to life in countless ways:

  • Our core values are in our brand voice, our messaging, and our visuals. 
  • They are what motivate us, powering both our individual and collective actions and are the fuel that drives our business. 
  • They are what we hold each other accountable to – they are the KPIs that we are all measured by, coached around and rewarded for. 

That consistent and authentic representation of core values across all different types of communication is one major factor in helping attract talent in a challenging and evolving market. But to get to this point, it took time and energy to build out our Brand Strategy which clearly defined those values in a powerful way. 

So as you continue to find ways to stand out and attract the right type of talent to your company, go back to your foundation like we did. Focus on your values and think about how you can clearly and consistently represent them in the market to attract the right type of talent even in the most challenging environments.

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