The Triangle of Awesome

by Jason Ogden | Oct 3, 2017

The sport of business is hard. Sometimes it’s really hard. It’s not always fun, profitable or rewarding. Not everyone makes it.

So what if you could make the game even harder on yourself? Is that something you might be interested in?

I give you what I have coined The Triangle of Awesome.

It’s not really the “triangle” part that matters as much as the “awesome” part, as the triangle is a result of us talking about 3 things. And if you can create these things in your business and sustain them (sustain much harder than create), you have done something awesome. So what are we talking about?

The 3 components of the Triangle of Awesome:

  1. A really great product or service. This doesn’t mean it has to be revolutionary, innovative or necessarily unique. What it does mean is that you have made an impact on your clients’ businesses or your customers’ lives in some meaningful way.
  2. A great place to work. It is often referred to as culture, but what we’re talking about here is simply a positive and challenging work life that treats your people so well they never want to leave.
  3. A highly profitable business. By this, I mean relative to your industry. It takes a lot of extra work and focus to outperform markets, but it sure can be fun to try.

Is anyone you know out there in the small business world a good representation of the Triangle of Awesome? Is your business? If so, give them or yourself some props. I would also love to hear what they’re doing to make their business awesome. Reach out to me on LinkedIn & give them a shout out!

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