Why Your Logo May be Limiting Your Business

by Syrup | Oct 1, 2019

There was once a day when businesses could get away with a fairly static branding system. A logo was used on a business card and maybe some signage, but that was about it. 

Fast forward to 2019 and this same logo may as well be as good as dead in a world of mobile apps, flashing signs, and bold websites. 

In order for your brand to reach a larger audience and be executed well on everything, it needs to be flexible. 

If your logo can’t pass these 3 tests, chances are it needs a little TLC (or a complete transformation).

Test 1: Your logo should be clearly visible on both dark and light backgrounds. 

If your logo is hard to see on a dark background, it’s going to be an issue when the event you’re sponsoring wants to add your dark brown logo to a dark blue poster. The same goes for light backgrounds. You should have your logo in several color options – at least one lighter and one darker.

Test 2: Your logo should recognizable at all sizes.

Imagine if you had to create an app icon for Bank of America and all you had to go off of was the three words typed out. This is what their flag graphic is used for. When their logo needs to be scaled to a small size, they can turn to their trusty flag, an iconic emblem of their business.

A strong logo should have at least 3 versions of different sizes and structures – each to be used on different applications.

Test 3: Each version of your logo should stay consistent. 

Maybe you have multiple versions of your logo, but one version isn’t built out in the same colors as your primary, or maybe it’s a completely new logo. All of your logo variations should look like one big happy family. Some versions may be simplified or have different traits, but they should look like they all came from the same parent.

Does your logo fail one or more of these tests? Our team of designers and brand enthusiasts would love to help you create a logo that doesn’t limit your business. Reach out to us here. 

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