Your Audience is Your Friend

by Syrup | Aug 23, 2017

A recent Weekly Ramble internal message really resonated with our team, so I thought, what the heck — maybe the rest of you may find something valuable, too!

Your Audience is Your Friend.

The single most important part of your work is starting every task here: “If I were {audience} I’d appreciate & receive {work} well.” If you are an account lead, your audience is your client. If you are a specialist, your audience is the end user.

If we all step back and look at our lives as consumers, what resonates the most is honesty, clarity, and helpful marketing.

Sure, we fall vitcim to urgency, price, exclusivity, and fear; but those are often purchases made once, and rarely made again — and there is almost certainly no loyalty built through that process.

So as you do your work this week, imagine your audience as your friend.

As a friend, you would:

  • Tell them what they NEED to know.
  • Determine the BEST way to tell them.
  • Try to make them smile — out of humor, out of the perfectly crafted solution to a problem, out of the level of effort they can see you’ve invested, etc.

Sound good? I’m interested to see how this works for you. If you have any feedback, send me a message on LinkedIn!

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