2 Facebook Targeting Options You Might Be Missing

by Syrup | Aug 20, 2019

Facebook has undergone multiple changes when it comes to their user targeting methods, especially recently. However, a few methods have stuck around that you may not realize. There are a few Facebook targeting options you might be missing.

As you likely already know, retargeting your website audience is one of the easiest ways to capture lost leads; but what you may not be aware of is Facebook’s ability to retarget users that have interacted with your business on Facebook, but never visited your website. 

Within your Facebook Ads Manager, check out your “Audiences” option. You’ll usually go here to upload a list of your customers or create your website remarketing audience. But if you dive a little deeper into the “custom audiences” creation, you’ll find more than just website traffic to show your ads to.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Lead Forms

Have you ever considered retargeting the audience that opened, but never filled out your lead form? Say you were targeting an audience of young millennials that had never heard of your brand before. They opened your lead form for a special deal and said, “meh, maybe later,” but you know they’ll never be back. This is the ultimate opportunity to drive a remarketing ad right to this Facebook user, even though they haven’t visited your website before. Show them what they’re missing with an exclusive deal and get them to interact further with specific retargeting messaging. And better yet, there’s an additional option to create and exclude the audience of users that have filled out your lead form so you don’t target them continually (or spend more money on their impressions).

Custom Audience example - Facebook targeting options

Event Custom Audience

This is useful for many types of businesses. In a situational use case, one of our clients has an annual event around the same time every year. This year, we want to serve ads to users that specifically bought tickets to the event in 2018. This means they first interacted with your Facebook Event, and second, purchased tickets after interacting with your Facebook event. These users are the low hanging fruit you are looking for to drive ticket sales for your 2019 event.

Event Custom Audience example - Facebook targeting options

And it doesn’t stop there. Facebook offers opportunities to retarget users that have “liked” your Facebook business page. Take the opportunity to create an audience of people who clicked any available call-to-action button on your business page. Or, create a lookalike audience based off of the users that filled out your lead form. 

Whatever you test, let us know how it goes! Or reach out to us for any other tips on Facebook audiences. 

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