Visual Identity

Are You Visually Aligned?

95% of all communication is nonverbal. Your brand is the symbol of what people think and feel about your organization and may ultimately determine whether or not they choose to do business with you.

It is the flag you fly as an organization, the visual representation of everything you believe in and work for.

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"Everyone who sees the work Syrup did for me loves it!

They have a great creative team who took my idea and brought it to life"

Laura Ries

Laura Ries

Ries & Ries Consulting

"The biggest thing that rebranding has done for our business is that it gives us an anchor.

Everything we think and talk about we come back to the brand. My favorite thing about the rebrand is it gives us something to compare everything against. Having something like that in the business has been the best thing for us."

Robbie McDaniel

Robbie McDaniel


"Professional courage is a hallmark of the Syrup experience.

Even when we were disagreeing or I was feeling uncomfortable, I knew that I was in good hands– able and committed to give me the best brand identity possible. In case you can’t tell, I am delighted. I recommend Syrup often and without reservation."

John Richie

John Richie

Founder, Venture

The Process


At this stage, our team processes what is unique about your brand and the implications. Creative and strategic possibilities are revealed and ultimately pared down to the most strategic and high-impact ideas.


Using our best ideas from the Dream stage, we will create and present several identity concepts explaining the “why” behind each one. At this stage, these are most often hand-drawn sketches for conceptual conversations


Using the feedback from the Sketch phase, we take the selected concept and provide digitized options. These comps are in black and white only, as to eliminate color variables, and to focus solely on the logo mark, fonts, and composition.


Once a logo has been chosen, a color palette is presented based on the intended personality of the brand as discovered during the Personify stage.


Upon completion, Syrup will deliver the comprehensive logo files, usage files, and brand usage files.