Visual Identity

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Can you rally employees and attract prospects without saying a word?

The visual identity of your brand is the flag you fly as an organization, the visual representation of everything you believe in and work for. It visually tells the story. 95% of all communication is nonverbal, so your brand’s visuals can speak volumes to your potential customers.

That visual identity is not just limited to your logo; it’s made up of any tangible and intangible elements associated with it - things like your color pallet, fonts, and photo treatments all speak volumes to who you are and the story you are telling.

king calson visual identity collateral


  • Powerful first impression
  • Brand consistency
  • Strengthen brand recognition
  • Communicate the quality of its organization
  • Visually connect with your audience
  • Unified brand that reflects the underlying story


  • Extracting the DNA of your company to understand your uniqueness
  • Conceptualizing strategic and creative possibilities for your brand
  • Identifying brand elements like fonts, colors, iconography and photography that build the brand experience
  • Strengthening the brand with consistent collateral, assets, and marketing materials

The Syrup team worked hand-in-hand with us to turn our vision into reality.

IO Education selected Syrup to translate our new brand identity into a web presence that would become the hub of our company. We are really happy with the site that Syrup built for IO Education and will certainly continue to engage our partners at Syrup as we evolve over time.

Director of Marketing & Lead Generation

Director of Marketing & Lead Generation

IO Education