2 Tools to Get Outside Your Bias

by Kraig Guffey | Jan 11, 2018

Every day, you wake up, open your eyes, and see the world from your perspective – your own bias. There are countless influences that have shaped how you see every single thing that you encounter. It is unavoidable.

Because of that, one of the biggest challenges in marketing is to not let your own personal perspective, your own likes, your own bias, dominate how you think your brand, an email, your website, a paid ad, a social post, etc. should be positioned. Your target audience’s perspective is what should dominate.

Your target audience’s perspective is what should dominate.

One practice I’ve found helpful over the years in helping to keep my perspective as unbiased as possible is to keep up with HOW and WHAT people are searching for on Google. This helps you understand trends, what people are wanting, how they talk about things, the challenges they are facing, and the solutions they are looking for. It’s incredible to have a tool like this that gives clear insight into your market’s needs and desires.

This information can then help to influence the positioning of all the marketing content you produce for your target audience: what to write content about (emails, blog posts, landing pages, podcasts, sales sheets, etc.), new paid search keyword lists, new audiences on social, and so much more.

Google has several tools & resources to help out here.

My 2 favorites:

Google Trends (trends.google.com): With this tool, you can see trending searches and topics by location, and you can put your own searches into the tool to see growth trends over time. Very, very helpful information.

Think With Google (thinkwithgoogle.com): I get this through a frequent email. They do a great job with infographics, application of ideas, and surfacing trends in how people search. Here is a recent infographic I found very helpful as an example.

I hope you can start to use these tools in your business to help keep your bias from dominating your perspective. Let’s keep the conversation going. Find me on LinkedIn. 

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