3 Signs of Poor Web Design

by Syrup | Feb 25, 2020

It is said that within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, they will have a solid impression of who you are. The first 7 seconds of an interaction could determine if that person is willing to share information, make a transaction, or simply be a friend. Guess what? The same exact principle applies to an interaction with your website.

You may have the greatest product the world has to offer, but poor web design is causing people to give up on you in a matter of seconds. While there are many tell-tale signs of a poorly designed site, here are 3 that might be preventing you from getting the leads you’ve been looking for.

1. Your navigation is an unending maze.

No one wants to look through a menu that has 10 different pages, and then 10 sub nav options under each page. People should easily be able to find what they are looking for within the first few seconds of landing on your home page. The more minimal your main menu, the better. In other words, your site should be a Chipotle as opposed to a Cheesecake Factory.

2. The mobile version of your site is the same as your desktop…literally.

Your mobile site should look pretty different from your desktop version in terms of where images are placed, how the menu looks, font size, etc. For example, items listed horizontally on a desktop will most likely look better listed vertically on mobile. To see what I mean, pull up the site we recently did for Smart Mouth Pizza on both your phone and desktop and note the differences as you scroll down each page.

Smart Mouth mobile website showing web design

3. There is no consistency in color

Color should be used intentionally on your site to create both familiarity and draw attention.  A limited color palette will help accomplish this. Visitors will be confused if there are more than 3 or 4 colors competing for their attention in one area on a page. When designing a site, I always have some type of standard for how color is used. On the Smart Mouth Site, a yellow button is always used on top of a red background.

If your site has one or more of these issues, chances are, it isn’t making a great first impression. Click here to find out how you can turn your site into a tool that not only attracts the people you want but makes them stay. 

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