3 Ways to See Your Competitor’s Ads

by Syrup | Feb 2, 2021

Did you know you can see ads that your competitors are running? Seeing what others in your industry are doing is a great place to start when thinking through your own paid strategy and messaging. Here’s how to see what ads your competitors are running on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

Google Ads

For Google Ads, I use SpyFu, which shows both SEO & PPC data for a website. In order to view all the data, you have to be on a paid plan, but the free version alone gives a great overview of what others are doing on search. Enter the website URL and then navigate to the “PPC Research” tab to view data specific to ads. In addition to showing actual ad examples, SpyFu will also show you an estimate of how much they are spending and top-performing keywords.

Example of SpyFu showing Google Ads running for Mailchimp

Facebook Ads

For Facebook ads, go to the competitor’s Facebook page and scroll to the “Page Transparency” section, click “See All” → “Go To Ad Library” 

Here you’ll be able to see the ad library for the page. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see any data on who they’re targeting or what they’re spending, but you can see where the ads are linking, design creative, and ad copy.

Mailchimp example of what you can see on Facebook for your competitor's ads


Go to the competitor’s LinkedIn page and click “Posts” → “Ads”

Similar to Facebook, you’re able to see where the ads are linking, design creative, and ad copy.

Mailchimp example of what you can see on LinkedIn for your competitor's ads

When you’re looking at ads that others are running, consider the types of ads they’re using – are they promoting webinars and blogs for awareness or are they trying to get people to request a demo? Does their ad copy include industry-specific jargon to indicate they might be targeting a niche audience? Knowing the types of ads and ad copy your competitors are using can spark ideas for your strategy and give you an understanding of the competitive landscape you’re entering.

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