4 Considerations for Your 2022 Marketing Plan

by Jordan-Ann Powell | Jan 11, 2022

By this point, you’re settling into the new year and likely you have your objectives set for the year ahead. Your KPIs may remain the same as previous years, with new targets set, but how you get there must look different. 

How is your marketing plan evolving this year? What steps are you taking to implement it? If you haven’t yet planned what steps you’ll take to reach your goals this year, here are some considerations:

There’s a significant increase in cost to advertise digitally.

In 2021, digital ad CPMs went up BIG. With these costs ever-increasing, focus on tight targeting, clear and compelling messaging and a landing page/web experience that is built for your uniquely targeted audience. Take the time to invest in building specific audience lists and create content that is unique to their needs. 

The volume of content production and consumption is higher than ever.

Podcasts, webinars, social media, video content, etc – the options are vast and wide when it comes to content that your audience has available to them. Even at the beginning of last year, Hubspot’s 2021 Report stated “82% of marketers report actively using content marketing in 2021, up 70% from last year.” This is an area where you have to participate to be seen, and the content you create must be valuable. What will you create this year that is helpful, actionable and shareable for your audience? 

Prior reliance on in-person events like tradeshows and conferences won’t have the same impact this year.

The ON24 B2B Augment Sales Marketing Organization stated that “in April 2020, webinar consumption had risen by 293% compared to the 2019 monthly average”. Virtual events will be here to stay as this trend continues to grow. Consider how you will adjust your budget to support virtual vs physical events, and what content will be shared that’s highly valuable to your target audience. How will you interact with people (remember, they are people, not just customers, clients, prospects to acquire) to create relationships that are set to grow? How will you create conversations, not just 1-way broadcasts?

And finally, empathy should continue to be your north star.

As people continue to work from home, accessibility to your prospects and clients is personal. Conversely, it’s still easy to hide behind the screen and quickly lose that personal connection. Make an effort to connect with your team, customers and prospects – ask questions more, listen and gain a deep understanding of their needs. Incorporate this litmus test into your marketing – “Is what I’m creating valuable to my audience?”

Each year is a journey of its own – technology, costs, behaviors all continue to change. But, at the end of every day – we’re all still people. Keep that in mind as you build out your marketing strategy and continue to return to that reminder this year.

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