4 Things You Should Be Doing On Your Website Regularly

by Kate Neri | Oct 2, 2018

Last year I shared some sure signs it’s time for you to update your website. So maybe since then, you did it. You took the time, made the investment and finally updated your website. It reflects who you are as a company, it’s responsive, it’s easy to update, it’s well designed and it is now your number one marketing tool. (If not, let’s talk!)


While the initial website build is essential in creating the right foundation, the ongoing maintenance and optimization is where you’ll really see your return on investment.

At Syrup, we help keep our clients’ websites fresh by regularly testing and optimizing the user experience to help improve engagement and drive business results. Through this, we have learned that there are 4 things everyone should be doing with their website on a regular cadence.

Things You Should Be Doing On Your Website Regularly:

  1. Collect: With tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar, you are able to collect and analyze data around how users engage with your website, where they go on your site, where they drop off and leave the site,  and whether or not you actually convert them in the end.
  2. Test: Now that you have information on users’ behaviors, it’s time to test and optimize! We love testing calls to action, content, different colors, and even different arrangements on pages to see how users respond. Then you can leverage what proves to be most successful to increase your conversions.
  3. Refresh: New, fresh content is important for several reasons. From providing your users with relevant and up-to-date content to increase engagement and return visits to improving your search engine rankings (folks like Google love regular content updates), refreshing your content takes effort but can pay dividends.
  4. Update:  You should regularly check your website for any new plugin updates, bug fixes, WordPress (or other CMS) updates, and any security patches or upgrades. This not only ensures your site is at peak performance but protects your investment from potential hacks or dropping users because of a bad experience.

Through our experience, we know how important it is to be proactive and diligent in maintaining and optimizing your website. With both web technology and search engines constantly evolving and changing, it’s imperative that your website is keeping up.

Are you maximizing your website’s ROI?

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