4 Tips to Make Your Next Email Campaign Successful

by Jordan-Ann Powell | May 23, 2017

When’s the last time you noticed a promotional email in your inbox and either immediately archived it or just ignored it completely? That probably happened today — maybe even within the last hour.

We’re all inundated with messages, from text messages to radio to emails — the list goes on. As a business, there are two things you need to understand: First, you have to be a part of those messages to even have a chance at being heard. Second, recognize that your customers are ignoring and archiving messages too, so your business needs to stand out in the right way.

When creating email campaigns, we have to put ourselves in the recipients’ shoes and understand what it feels like to be on the other end.

Here are a few key things to think about when creating your next email campaign:

  1. Intrigue Me. Make me wonder what you have to say. Spark my interest through the subject line so I’ll wonder what’s on the other side. Keep it short and sweet so I can see the full line. Most platforms show anywhere from 40-70 characters in the preview.
  2. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know. Is the content meaningful and valuable? Don’t send fluff just for the sake of sending an email. Once I receive an email that isn’t valuable, I’m not likely to open another email from you ever again. Include new information I should know, ideas for my business, or a CTA (call to action) with an offer to make it worth my time.
  3. Be Human. I’ll see straight through the BS. As a small or mid-size company, this is especially important. Don’t lose sight of the fact that your customers are humans, too. While designed emails are good and eye-catching, it’s important to mix up campaigns with some text emails directly from a person. A text email shouldn’t include any design elements — I’ll recognize it as automated right way if it does.
  4. Follow Up. That’s right. This is even more important because we receive so many messages every day. Even if the subject line catches my eye, I’m drawn in by the content, and I’m ready to respond, I’ll still probably get distracted. Stay in front of me and make me remember you.

A lot goes into a successful email campaign. It’s important to take timing, layout, and design into consideration. And don’t forget about A/B testing! But the most important thing is to know your audience and understand what they’re feeling when you send them an email. Putting yourself in their shoes will help you craft the right email campaign so they feel like it was made just for them.

If you need some help with your next email campaign, we’d love to talk!

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