4 Tips for Sharing Your B2B Company Culture on Social Media

by Syrup | Mar 23, 2021

Culture can be the key to B2B business success on social media. 

When you think about brands with strong company culture, big names like Chick-fil-A and Apple are probably some of the first to pop into your head. It’s easy to see a well-known logo and immediately trust the product behind it. 

Culture is what sets your business apart, humanizes your day-to-day operations, and creates meaningful relationships that could eventually turn into sales. It is important to establish trust through sharing your company culture across social media with frequency. 

In fact, 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level or vice-president level executives use social media to make purchasing decisions.

Here are 4 tips to be aware of as you’re sharing your B2B company culture on social media:

1. Choose Your Platforms

Before you do anything, you need to think through your plan of attack. What are the best platforms to be posting from? Who is my target audience on these platforms? Do I need to create accounts from scratch? 

Currently, 96% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic social marketing, making it the leading space on social for B2B businesses (Hootsuite)

 Once you’ve thought through some of these questions and have chosen your platforms, it’s time to start posting. 

2. Use Strong Imagery and Videos

This tip may be an obvious one, but photos and videos are the best way to relate to your audience on social media, and they perform better. Here’s some proof: 

• LinkedIn posts that include images typically result in a 98% higher comment rate. 

• People are 3x more likely to engage with a Tweet that has visual content in it. 

• Marketers who use videos grow revenue 49% faster than those who do not.

Visuals are powerful, humanize your brand, and can catch the eye of your audience better than anything else. 

3. Provide a Behind-the-Scenes Look

People want to see the behind-the-scenes of your business. If someone is thinking about working with you or using your services, they most likely will be interested in knowing about what your day-to-day company culture is like. Going off of the second point about visuals, don’t be afraid to grab a quick photo in a meeting or a snapshot of your team hard at work on a project; these are things that are great for social media! 

4. Highlight Your Employees

People love seeing people, so it is important to showcase your employees as much as possible across social. A few ideas for highlighting your employees across social media are – sharing the employee of the month, showing both internal and external employee awards, showcasing your team’s community involvement, and celebrating birthdays. 

Your culture says a lot about your company, employees, and values. The more you share, the more you establish a sense of trust. Start small by posting 2-3 times a week and featuring your employees. I promise it will go a long way. 

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