5 Ways to Keep Your Team Morale Up

by Kate Neri | Apr 21, 2020

By now you have Zoom fatigue, your kid’s Cheerios crumbs are permanently wedged in between your keyboard keys, and well, weekends and weekdays seem to blur together. 

But in the midst of the madness, the economic challenges, the health concerns, the social isolation and the mental health repercussions, it’s imperative as business owners and leaders that we maintain the morale for our teams. With so much uncertainty your teams are looking for comfort, normalcy, a sign of hope, and heck, a little fun.

Here are a few things we are doing to keep the team connected and help keep the positivity and productivity flowing:

1. Meeting daily – Every morning our team gets on a video call for a quick 15 minutes where we cover a variety of topics. Some days it’s a fun game, others it’s sharing what we’re learning about, and others it’s asking thoughtful and engaging questions (check out this post from Kraig on one of our recent team questions).

2. Eating together – Who doesn’t love to hear crunching on a Zoom call? We have embraced the awkwardness and learned to love our weekly lunches together. It’s a time to catch up, talk about things outside of work, share, laugh, and connect. 

3. Connecting consistently – Our visionary Kraig takes time out of his week to have face-to-face (or should I say screen-to-screen) conversations with every team member. We are all faced with our own unique set of challenges and are handling the changes differently, so this is a time to check-in, connect, and create an open door of communication as we navigate this new reality.

4. Staying healthy – In a situation that lends itself more to binging than exercising, we are challenging ourselves with different activities like 30-second squat breaks in the middle of the day or encouraging everyone to get outside and take the necessary breaks for both physical and mental health.

5. Maintaining transparency – This may be last on this list but for us, this is the most important. With so much uncertainty, it’s important to over-communicate and be transparent with our team. Where are we as a business? How are we handling challenges that come our way? How long will we work from home? Even when we don’t have all the answers, being open, candid, and consistent in communication brings a sense of comfort to a team that so desperately needs it.

While these ideas may not be revolutionary, what’s important is to be intentional, thoughtful and diligent in maintaining connections with your team to keep morale up in challenging times. 

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