B2B Email Marketing Trends

by Paiton McDuffie | Feb 16, 2021

Despite seeing an increase in the use of chatbots and various new communication apps, email continues to stand the test of time as one of the most tried and true forms of marketing. However, in order to maintain its current level of effectiveness in the B2B marketing and communications sector, email strategy has to continue to evolve and change with the market and its trends. As an email automation specialist, it’s not only in my best interest to be aware of these trends, but to know how to implement them in the most effective way. Here are a few trends we can expect to see more of in B2B email marketing in 2021:


We’ve all seen an email come across our inbox with our first name in the subject line. This is what most marketers think of when they hear the term “personalization.” But a hyper-personalized email strategy goes way beyond the use of merge fields. Hyper-personalization refers to the overall user experience or “journey” that a prospect or current client takes through your email marketing strategy. Is your current strategy focused on delivering the most relevant product or service information to your users? By implementing a hyper-personalized email strategy, not only will you be offering the most relevant information to your prospects, but you’ll save yourself time and reduce your overall effort. 

Interactive Emails:

Interactive email design is another trend we expect to see more of in the B2B email marketing sphere in 2021. Examples of interactive email design include the use of video, including a CTA that performs a specific action without users having to make any extra clicks, or showing how a prospect can utilize your product or service in a highly-visual and designed way.

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Automating email workflows carries many advantages for email marketers, namely saving you time and lots of effort. Automation can also assist in the hyper-personalization strategy mentioned above. Automating your emails also allows you to stay top of mind while still providing the most relevant information to your prospects without being overwhelming. Examples of automated emails might include a welcome email – when someone completes a sign up or makes a purchase on your website, a personalized email is sent to their inbox. Another example of an automated email could be a reminder to renew email that automatically sends to your current customers 30 days before their subscription expires. 

While email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, trends and best practices change frequently. It’s important to monitor these trends and look for ways to improve your current strategy and adopt the trends that make the most sense for your business. By utilizing automation, hyper-personalized emails, and interactive design you’ll not only streamline your email process, but you’ll increase conversions by delivering interesting, relevant, and meaningful content to your customers and prospects.

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