4 Ways to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

by Syrup | Feb 27, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you might struggle with trying new things — whether it’s vacationing to a different spot or trying out that trendy new restaurant in town. Maybe you’d rather stay inside your comfort zone and go to the same place you’ve been to twenty times before. You might even have the entire menu memorized and know exactly what you’re ordering for dinner before your car pulls up to the restaurant (guilty). Having that familiar feeling of knowing what to expect in every situation is what you count on and could even be the sole driver behind all of your decision making.

Comfort isn’t always a good thing.

As I’ve gotten further into my professional career, I’ve come to realize how true this statement is in our own lives and in business. If you never allow yourself or the members of your team to be in a position that challenges everyone to think in new ways and ask questions, you’re not taking the necessary steps towards growth, both individually and as a company. Adapting to change and learning something new each day is something we all can work on, both in our individual positions and as a team.

As an Account Coordinator here at Syrup, I have the unique role of wearing many different hats. Since I spend my time working alongside so many different roles, trying out new tools and having an eagerness to learn are essential to my position. Without branching out of my comfort zone, I never would have developed the set of skills and knowledge of marketing tools that I do now, and the same can apply to your business.

Are you taking every possible opportunity to learn and grow in the industry? Or are you hesitant to implement new ideas simply because they’re new and uncomfortable?

How to break out of your comfort zone for good

If you feel like you or your business may be stuck in your comfort zone, these tips will help you break away from it for good:

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions. Do you often think you could be doing more when it comes to a certain aspect of your business operations? Do you have amazing ideas to better your business, but are unsure of how to execute them? Speak up! This may seem like a no-brainer, but asking questions really is the first step to taking you, and your business, out of your comfort zones. Never be afraid to reach out to others for their professional recommendations on a subject you are struggling with (you can even reach out to our team here). A simple question is sometimes all it takes to open doors to new insights and opportunities for your business.
  2. Trust Yourself. Never doubt yourself, your ideas, or your strengths. When it comes to implementing new strategies or processes to your business, believing in the capabilities of yourself and your team is what will matter most. Confidence is contagious – if you have it, chances are it will trickle down to your employees, making whatever it is you’re tackling that much easier. Trust me.
  3. Listen. In client meetings, internal brainstorms, and even casual conversations, listen to what the other person has to say, even if they have a drastically different outlook on the subject matter. I guarantee this will spark new ideas that you would not have thought of otherwise, and it will allow you to open your mind up to new strategies or insights for your business. They might even convince you to start putting kale in your smoothie or coconut milk in your coffee – who knows! It’s worth a listen.
  4. Never Stop Learning. New tools, programs, and ideas are hitting your industry daily, and it’s getting harder to keep up. Although you may feel comfortable with the tools your business is already using, you should never allow your current comfort level to stop you from learning something new. Taking the initiative to learn more about the trends in your industry is what will elevate your business to new levels. Put aside some time each week to read a couple of articles, blog posts, or case studies and share what you have learned with your team. Never become comfortable with what you know — there is always more knowledge to gain.

Next time you feel you or your business getting too comfortable with the daily routine, remember that change is almost always a learning experience.

Choosing to embrace something completely new to you instead of shying away from it is necessary for the growth of your business, and yourself. (Not to mention, you might even stumble upon a delicious Thai restaurant you never knew existed right down the street. Just saying).

Reach out to us here if you’d like to make some changes and see how we can help grow your business.

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