Creating Connections With Logo Design

by Syrup | Jan 8, 2019

How does logo design relate to our everyday lives?

Freshman year of college was a big one for most of us. It was during this first year that we decided who we were going to be and how we wanted people to perceive us. Most of the entire first year was about forming relationships with people like us. Maybe you were that boy who wanted to connect with the athletes, so you joined every intramural sports team possible. Maybe you were that girl who wanted to join the most popular sorority, so you went out and bought an entire new wardrobe. Whether you realized it or not, you were creating a brand for yourself in order to establish connections. While part of your personal brand is created through the way you talk and interact with others, the other part is created through appearance.

Whether you realized it or not, you were creating a brand for yourself in order to establish connections.

In the same way, your company’s visual identity is crucial to creating a successful connection with your audience. Your logo design is the foundation of your visual identity and should be intentionally designed. It should give insight into who your company is through how it looks. It should be relevant, timeless, memorable and versatile. Its colors and typographic style should reflect the character of your brand.

Spotify is an example of a brand with a logo that hits all of these marks. The clean, sans-serif word mark and streaming icon (even when used alone), are recognized by any music lover around the world. While Spotify’s main colors are the classic green and black, the brand contains a wide range of secondary colors to reflect the various moods that music brings.

The logo of your company helps guide decisions in other areas of your visual identity such as the choice to use photography over illustration, what style of photography to use, and the decision to use bold, loud fonts, over more subdued, conversational ones. Its versatility is extremely important, whether it’s to be used on something as large as a billboard, or as small as a mobile app. How is it going to look on a t-shirt, a mug, or a package? Is your target audience going to want to embrace it? All of these points are things to consider when creating a new logo.

In our noisy world, it can be hard to rise above the commotion and connect with your audience. A refreshed logo and new visual identity can help you begin to reach your people with your message. If you’d like to talk about a refresh, reach out to us here.

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