How B2B Companies Use Google My Business

by Syrup | Jan 19, 2021

Search any business or location on Google and you’ll see the power of Google My Business (GMB). When you search on your desktop and get all that information on the right-hand side of your screen, that’s a GMB listing. When you search on your phone and see information before ads or search results, that’s a GMB listing. 

And if you’re not keeping a pulse on your location’s GMB, you could be missing out on valuable marketing opportunities. 

93% of local searches now feature Google My Business listings. – Shawn Joshi

Why is Google My Business important?

Think of Google My Business as a landing page for your business or location. 

Google wants to keep users on Google because it’s most convenient – the fewer clicks it takes for a consumer to find the information they’re looking for, the better. So the more information you can add to your listing, the more success you’ll see. 

Plus, it’s free marketing! Setting up your GMB takes minimal effort to set up but can reap extraordinary benefits. 

Is Google My Business right for B2B businesses?

Google says that 82% of people go to search engines to find local information. But that’s not just for local businesses like restaurants or shops – it’s also for B2B businesses. Prospects will likely search your business before closing a deal, so make sure you provide them with accurate, important information. 

Some tips for your Google My Business listing 

Prioritize clarity.

It’s so tempting to flood your listing with keywords so you’ll rank higher. But it’s actually more beneficial to prioritize clarity and simplicity instead. 

So rather than a location title like “Syrup Branding and Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta,” just “Syrup” or maybe “Syrup Marketing” will suffice. 

Then, make sure your description and services clearly state what it is you offer your customers. No fluff! 

Control your FAQ section. 

Did you know that anyone can ask and answer questions on a GMB listing? That means you don’t have to wait for someone to ask a question about your business; you can ask it yourself, then answer as well. 

Ask (and answer) questions about your services, your hours, and other things people would benefit from knowing about your business and location. 

Monitor your reviews. 

49% of businesses receive more than 1,000 views on search per month. – Bright Local Google My Business Insights Study

If 1,000 people per month are seeing your listing, that means 1,000 people per month are seeing any review that’s been left on your listing – so make sure they’re well managed. 

No one likes bad reviews, but often a company’s response to a bad review speaks louder than the review itself. Make sure you’re responding to and rectifying any negative reviews you receive immediately. 

Manage your photos.

Google will show photos from both your business and from customers, but customer photos aren’t always the most reliable. Make sure you have clear photos of your logo, the front of your business, and anything that may help consumers find your business. Plus, make sure your photos show off your business! If you sell a product or service, show it in action. If your team or company culture is one of your main selling points, show a team photo. Use this section to help consumers visually understand who you are. 

Share Google Posts. 

GMB allows you to create Google Posts which will show up below your listing and are completely customizable. You can add a photo, a button, and any content needed. Use posts to promote an upcoming event or an offer, or give information about a service or update. This is also a great place to post timely updates such as how you’re protecting your consumers from COVID-19 or whether you’re open on a specific holiday. 

Use analytics to inform your efforts. 

Google My Business analytics provide you with some valuable insights into how consumers are finding your location, what actions they’re taking, and how they interact with competitors. 

Google My Business analytics that show how customers search for your business
Google My Business analytics showing where customers view your business on Google
Google My Business analytics that show photo views on your listing

If you haven’t already optimized your Google My Business listing, now is the time. It will only take a few minutes to claim your location and optimize information such as your description, hours of operation, and services. Then, carve out some time to optimize by adding photos and managing your FAQ section. Once you’ve optimized, check in regularly to monitor reviews and answer any new questions. 

Have any questions? I’d love to talk more about GMB. You can reach me on LinkedIn

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