How to Take a Unique Message to Your Unique Audience: Part 2

by Syrup | Sep 10, 2019

In part 1, we talked about how many folks can fall into the “clever message” trap of marketing, devoting resources and time into an exercise that often leaves us feeling hopeless, frustrated, or exhausted.

We talked about how starting with the message is like trying to build the roof of a home before pouring a foundation and standing up walls.

The right place to start is to define the audience – you can check out that process here.

Now we are ready to craft a unique message for the unique audience(s) you defined through those exercises.

Let’s start with a few more questions to tease out the details we will need to put together the final message.


  • Why did you set out to serve your ICP?
  • What makes you different (than your competition)?
  • What do you beat your competition at every time?

Then ask:
How do you ease your clients’ fears? (We asked this in the first blog post.)

Putting it Together: The 4 Elements of a Powerful Message

Empathy – Leading with empathy helps establish with your audience that you get them. You’re not trying to just sell them. It establishes basic trust and helps to create a willingness to listen to what you have to say from the audience. 

Your Why – The key to establishing powerful trust with the audience. Your Why should elicit a “wow, not only do they GET me, but they are intentionally FOR me” from the audience. If an audience believes in your Why, they are much more likely to investigate your solution.

3 Uniques – Your competition may be able to say they share one, maybe two, of your uniques – but they CAN’T say they have all 3. That’s how you’ll know if they are truly unique to you, and to the audience. These 3 elements help your message stand out from the crowd. It creates a memorable differentiator in the mind of the audience. 

The Solution – You finish out the message with how you actually eliminate the fears of the audience, leaving them with the benefits of the product/service/solution.

One last exercise to help you take your answers above and organize them into a powerfully unique message:

Audience: Pick a persona you established

Empathy Statement: What scares them?

Your Why: Why did you set out to serve your ICP?

3 Uniques: Combo of “What makes you different?” and “How do you beat your competition?”

The Solution: How do you ease your clients’ fears?

Amazing work!

After marinating on, a little refinement of, and a few finishing touches here and there, you should have a unique message, built with a purpose for a targeted unique audience.

I hope these last two posts were helpful and give you a process you can follow to help deliver a marketing message that breaks through the noise and sticks with your audience.

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