Implementing Your Brand: Core Focus

Jim Collins’ Good to Great book gave us the hedgehog concept. Daniel Coyle’s Culture Code tells us that a common purpose is the foundation of any culture. At Syrup, we help companies articulate their Core Focus. This includes all the goodness above and a few other critical components… but then what?

We teach our clients the pyramid of brand success.

pyramid of success


The root of all greatness for a brand is an intense Core Focus. What are you singularly focused on that will bring immense value to your audience? Once that is clear, you are at the first step.


From there you must be exceptionally clear on how your core focus is implemented and delivered in a way that is uniquely different from other people who would be perceived as having a similar focus.


Then… things get fun. EVERYTHING in the organization from your culture to your visuals to your operations, sales, and customer support must come into alignment with your focus and differentiation. This leads you to the fourth level and the courage to stay true.


This often means saying no a lot more often than it means risking a new yes. Have the courage to stick to your core focus.


And at the end of the day, there is a value proposition in every exchange that takes place in the free market. What you offer has to be in proportion to the cost in the exchange.

Have you mastered all 5 levels? Where are you stuck?

Benj Miller

Benj has built an exceptional team that leads and challenges clients in discovering and communicating the uniqueness of their businesses. Benj strongly believes the power of this team has a lot to do with our clients' success. In his role as Creative Director, Benj combines his eye for brand and his brain for the "third option" to help lead the design team to excellence.