Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

by Kate Neri | Apr 10, 2018

Your company logo – so important.

It’s on your website, your business cards, and heck, your kid’s lunch box… It’s something you and your team poured your heart into or maybe something you just grew to love (and it’s about time you updated it). Either way, you know it’s important. And you’re right. Your logo is a vital expression of your company. But did you stop there?

How much effort, time, and thought have you put into building your company’s brand?

The words brand and logo are used interchangeably a lot nowadays and often misrepresented. Your logo is the cornerstone mark used to identify your organization while your brand is made up of all the emotions and gut feelings associated with interacting with your organization.

Think about it: Comcast has a pretty simple logo, but when you see it or even just think about it… yeah… I know… I could hear you groan from here. That’s that gut feeling I’m talking about.

Your brand is:

  • Your voice and tone
  • Your colors, fonts, and imagery
  • Your words, messaging, and tagline
  • Your perception of the marketplace
  • Your values, passion, and expertise
  • Your core purpose
  • And yes, your logo

Good brands-powerful brands-go beyond having a nice looking logo. They have a solid understanding of who they are, why they exist, what they want to communicate, and a clear voice through which they communicate it. They then bolster that foundation with visual assets accurately representing them. A powerful logo, color palettes, fonts, photography, illustrations, and other visuals bring their voice and story to life and they consistently use this across all branded assets.

A brand makes a logo… a logo doesn’t make a brand.

Why does it matter? A strong brand:

  • Builds recognition and value in your company
  • Connects with your unique audience
  • Creates and increases trust and loyalty with your customers/clients
  • Gives you a competitive edge in the market
  • Grows your business, intentionally

A strong brand is necessary for strategic long-term growth, and having a killer logo is just the beginning… or maybe the cherry on top.

So let me ask you, how confident are you in your company’s brand?

Not confident at all    1    2    3    4    5    Extremely confident

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