Questions to Ask About Your Brand

by Benj Miller | Jan 25, 2022


Brand will you have intentional or not. – Yoda (Okay not really.)

Yoda didn’t really say that, but if you ever got to ask him about it, I think it might be the first thing he would say.

You are either going to be intentional about the brand you have or let others decide what brand you will have.

This is the great divide – large corporations can spend millions to influence our perception of their brand so it is easy to feel like we can’t compete, but the reality is that they had to answer some key questions before they could put that money to work.

We can all answer those same questions that have a huge payoff. Here’s a top 10 to get you started:

  1. What attributes would I want someone to associate with my brand?
  2. What feelings would I want someone to have when they think of my brand?
  3. How do I want employees to speak about my brand?
  4. What does our brand stand for?
  5. Why is our brand different from others who solve the same problem?
  6. What are the non-negotiables of our brand (some might call these values)?
  7. When we communicate publicly, what is our purpose (education, leadership, awareness…)?
  8. When we communicate, what is our tone (brand voice)?
  9. When visual attributes reinforce our brand (marks, icons, colors, lines, fonts, etc)?
  10. What is the one thing we want to be associated with our brand?

That is not everything… but it is a GREAT start. If you can answer these, you will be in the top 1% of intentional brands.

As always, if you would like help nailing these down – we are kinda really good at that and love to help!

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