The challenge

Evident is an innovative technology company that was trying to find product market fit. They knew their website did not represent their brand and the advanced technology they brought to the market. As a small team trying to keep up, they needed help focusing their message, organizing content in an engaging way, and creating a web presence they could take to potential clients and investors.

Evident logo - b2b software website

The solution

We worked with Evident to create a website with powerful messaging and compelling user experience that represented their advanced technology and brought legitimacy to their fast-growing business. The new website spoke specifically to their target audience, clearly communicated their value, and highlighted their key differentiators. Analytics were set up for the team to learn from their users and the structure of the site allowed for easy updating and optimizing based on the insights gathered post-launch.

Since site launch and ongoing optimization, Evident’s website has seen:

  • 57.58% increase in average session duration
  • 22% increase in pages per session
  • 7.69% decrease in bounce rate
  • Optimized button text resulting in a 16.6% lift in conversion rate

During our optimization process, we implemented new content placement and button positioning on the website that resulted in a 9.30% lift in conversion rate.


person typing on computer at a coffee shop - b2b saas website
3 different layouts of pages on Evident's new b2b saas website
Group of 9 icons used on Evident's new b2b saas website
person scrolling on iphone on Evident's new b2b saas website
desktop and iphone both showing Evident's new b2b saas website
group of 9 green icons used on Evident's b2b saas website
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Jason Ogden

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