Setting and Measuring Quarterly Goals

by Syrup | Jun 15, 2021

If you’re a company owner, marketing director or manager, or generally in a position of some kind of management — take a look at your company goals. What are they? Can you quantify them or your objectives for, say, the next quarter of the business?

In 2010, the Staples National Small Business Survey found that 80% of the 300 small business owners surveyed did not keep track of their business goals.

Eeek. At Syrup, for our marketing services clients, this is why our quarterly meetings are so powerful. They are structured in a format that allows us to focus on the next 90 day objectives and goals for our clients. We challenge our clients to focus on the key things that are happening in the next 90 days; not next year, or in the next 6 months — the next 90 days.

Setting goals at the quarterly cadence allows us four opportunities a year to set goals and objectives. We can also review the metrics of success as we move along the fiscal year for a client. Without having an objective or goal to move toward, a North Star, if you will, marketing is unorganized and reactive. At our quarterly meetings, we may uncover some objectives or goals the client may not have considered simply due to reviewing metrics from a prior quarter or quarter’s goals — and that’s okay. That’s the power of data, reviewing data consistently, and keeping a true pulse on the performance of meeting a goal, and therefore, the performance of a business.

We’re nearing the end of Q2. Do you know what your next quarter’s objectives are? Do you have goals associated with each?

If you’re having trouble setting these quarterly goals, let us know. We’d be happy to partner with you to move the needle.

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