So You’ve Got a New Brand, What Now?

by Syrup | Feb 15, 2022

The time right after a huge rebrand can oftentimes feel like the winter months after the New Year. You’ve been going and going, making countless decisions (not to mention a huge investment), and suddenly all the craziness that comes with the process is finished. You have a new logo, color palette, messaging, fonts, and photography. What do you do now? As excited as you may be to share your new brand with the world, there is a crucial step that needs to come before that: sharing your new brand internally.

The people that make up your business helped make your brand, whether they had any literal input in the rebranding process or not. More than anyone, they deserve an explanation of the changes that have happened and the decisions that led to the changes.   

With that said, here are 3 tips for launching your brand internally:

1. Make sure everyone has a copy of the brand guidelines. 

Brand guidelines aren’t meant to be stashed deep in the files on a few people’s computers. Everyone should have access to a digital copy (or, even better, a physical copy) so they can easily reference anything from the tagline to what fonts to use for a PowerPoint presentation. 

2. Set aside time to present the changes to the entire team.

The rebrand will be much more impactful if it is shared in person. This means going beyond simply emailing everyone a copy of the brand guidelines. I recommend setting aside a couple of hours, or even a full day for everyone to take a break from their work. Use this time to not only explain the guidelines but dive into how the rebrand directly impacts the company vision.

3. Consider A full brand rollout.

I guarantee your employees will be much more excited about the rebrand if they receive some fun new swag at the rollout meeting. Consider getting the new logo printed on items such as t-shirts, notebooks, water bottles, backpacks and stationery for the team. This will help make the brand tangible and create immediate familiarity. Another idea is to have a digital download package created which includes things like zoom and computer backgrounds, LinkedIn cover photos, and social media templates. Have your designer update any PowerPoint or white paper templates people may be using as well. (For a deeper dive into the importance of creating branding templates, check out my last blog post here.)

Getting the entire internal team excited about the rebrand will set you up for success as you eventually begin to share the changes outside the walls of your company—the moment you’ve been waiting for!

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