Starter Kit for Small Companies

by Benj Miller | May 4, 2016

At Syrup, we love small companies. As a small company that is full of tech-savvy millennials, we tend to make sure we’re using the latest tech stack to make sure we’re as efficient as we can possibly be.

Here’s a quick guide to the tech we use and recommend:

  • Google Apps for Business: Let them run your email/document/calendar infrastructure.
  • Slack: Internal emails by penalty of burpees.
  • Asana: Project management. There are other good options, this is where we landed based on process and business needs.
  • Quickbooks Online: Value, ease of use, features.
  • Infusionsoft: Automate everything you can.
  • Proposable: Send/track proposals.

This leaves out the tools we use within our different jobs (design, development, social, etc), but is a great universal starter kit.

Outside of technology there are a few other things we highly recommend:

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