The Enemy of a great brand

by Benj Miller | Jun 21, 2022

Fear is the greatest enemy of a great brand. 

Fear wants us to play it safe. To not offend. To play small. Fear of losing a customer keeps us from getting 100 customers. Fear of offending one prospect keeps us from attracting the ones we really want.

So we are careful when building out our brand, in fear of losing out on someone or something. We make our audience anyone that will buy our product or service. And we make our strategy broad enough to work in many areas.

Powerful brands don’t let fear win. 

A powerful brand is intentional and focused on a niche audience. They challenge themselves to go all in. They take chances and have the courage to say no to audiences and things that don’t fit within their core focus.

Take this as your reminder that fear can not win. 

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